Mobile plants

We provide a broad range of mobile plant technology for water treatment and waste water treatment.

These flexible installations can help smooth out consumption spikes, be deployed during maintenance or construction work or used for testing and pilot plants.

All systems work largely autonomously and can be operated without additional staff. The equipment is provided according to customer and tuned to the process requirements for each application.

Laboratory analyses

Periodic stream analyses are a requirement for the correct and reliable operation of treatment plants.

Arcade can offer you tests of various water constituents and ion exchange resins. We provide solutions for detecting almost any substance in water analyses, while analysis of ion exchange resins yields information on process operating conditions such as the exchange capacity, breakage, cracks and rinse water demand for regeneration. Resin degradation is monitored by periodic chemical analysis, optionally complemented with microscopy pictures for better visualisation.

Warranty management

Together we develop a maintenance and service schedule, whereafter we take over the monitoring of deadlines for you.

With the warranty management we undertake secure commitments to maintain the operation of your equipment in compliance with the relevant standards and internal or regulatory requirements. In case of problems or malfunctions, we apply our extensive expertise to make recommendations for improving your equipment or plant.

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